Terms and conditions relating to sales made through this site

Subscription Payments
All subscription payments are made on a monthly, three monthly, six monthly, nine monthly or twelve monthly basis depending on the subscription term selected. Subscription renewal payments will be debited automatically to the credit card provided unless the subscriber, prior to the renewal date, cancels the subscription.
Subscription Cancellation
Once a subscription has been made it may be cancelled at any time prior to the subscription rollover date without incurring a renewal charge by logging into Paypal's Secure Server. Subscriptions cancelled after the renewal payment has been made will not be refunded.
Refund Policy
No partial or pro rata refunds will be made for unused or unwanted subscriptions.
For the purposes of all transactions on this site, the seller is Technical Research Limited. For contact details, see Contact Details.
Copyright and Permissions
Technical Research Limited owns the copyright for all material provided to you during your subscription unless stated otherwise. Apart from utilizing material for personal use, reproduction (including by electronic means) of any material, in whole or in part, is forbidden without permission. Legal action will be taken for any violation of copyright.
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